Carolin Ridges
Jul 16, 2019

As an entrepreneur, you would want to consider the best option to invest your money on. Series of thought will keep flooding your mind. You would be faced with the decision of being an investor or overseer of a particular business. If overseeing the business tops your decision rule, there might be a struggle on choosing between starting a business from scratch or buying an established business. Both options are great. But due to limited resources, you would want to choose the best alternative. If this is still battling your mind, then you must devote time to read this blog post

With the available financial resources, it’s possible to start something. Yea, you can start something. But starting a business from scratch may not get the quick result you’re anticipating to get. The process of starting a new business is usually rigorous and can be tiring. You won’t only be working on fixing office furniture, you will also be engaged in source for new clients. However, buying an established business can save you several stress. Taking such a decision exposes you to the following benefits:

  1. Owning a business with established cash flow: An already established business have lots of input in the process. Cashflow is already available, and there is hope that profit will be flowing in the subsequent month after the purchase. The worries of what to expect in a business operation will be minimized. You’re rest assured of making profits instantly when you buy an established business. Whereas, if you’re starting from scratch, the chances are that you will spend first 2years of business existence on outreaching to clients and incur appropriate equipment that can serve customer needs. By so doing, you are limited access to cash and hope of reaping profit in a first business month will nearly be impossible.

  2. Employees are familiar with all aspects of the business : One joy of buying an established business is the ability to own the staff. The workers are already familiar with the business processes, and therefore, you won’t be needing to spend time and money in orienting employee about your business procedure. Every staff in the different segment have gained needed experience about the business. So, the workflow is optimized, and productivity is ultimately enhanced. Even if you have a new set of customers, you intend to satisfy, meeting their demands won’t be an issue.

  3. No need to set up new procedures: While you’re starting your business from scratch, there is no doubt that you will need to create new business procedure and policies. How your business operates, mode of delivery and lots more are created by you. At the start, the process sounds interesting. But in the long run, it can be stressful and cost demanding. However, if you will be buying a business , the procedures are in place. All needed from you is the management and maintenance of each procedure. This really helps you to outsmart competitor and ultimately make the business attractive to new investors.

  4. There is an established market: Consumer base is the backbone of every business. Acquiring customer can be extremely difficult for new businesses. But an established business will have a myriad network of potential and repeated client. When you buy such businesses, the cost of getting clients are minimized.

TAKEAWAY: Business ownership depends on individual style and mission. When there is a need to save the stress of starting a business and earning profits immediately, entrepreneurship through acquisition is the best. You consult a specialist for further assistance.