Carolin Ridges
Jul 16, 2019

Buying an online business is not all about searching for a preferred site and subsequently making a purchase. It requires having some skill set. When you have them, you will be guarded against online scams and poor buying decisions. Numerous webmasters patch their website data to deceive buyers and lure them into making purchases blindly. They prey on innocent buyers who know few or nothing about website flipping. Even those experts sometimes stumbled on them and fall victim of their cause. Regardless of your motivation behind the purchase of a certain website, be sure to consider the following factors:

  1. Site history

You need to see online business buying as a process. Don’t be in a rush to close a deal. At least you’re buying the business to create a money making avenue. Such avenue is expected to fetch cool cash for an average of 12 months. That means for the next 12 months, you will be relying on the site for revenue. Part of your time and financial resources will be invested in expectancy of profits. Hence, you must be extraordinarily careful about the site you will be buying.

One best way to tread carefully is to consider the history of the website. Being curious about the past deal of the online business pays a lot. It ensures you’re properly informed about its performance and relationship with internet community users. Has the site been blacklisted by agencies or reviewed negatively? If yes, you need to dig deep into reasons for such circumstance. If the history is compelling enough, don’t hesitate to consider the next factor

  1. Define its technologies

Certain web technologies power every online website. From design to programming aspects, specific codes and tools keep them functioning. Precisely, an online business can be powered by server-side scripting language like Php, content management platform like Joomla and Wordpress or even developed with open source codes like HTML and CSS. You must be able to find out which technology powers up the website.

Also, you’re expected to determine your expertise level in handling the maintenance of the site. If you have low expertise in such area, two actions are possible to keep up with the site maintenance. They include:


  • Upgrading your technical knowledge

  • Leveraging on the skill of other people

Your level of expertise in handling web technologies should have an impact on the business value. When you have limited knowledge about the site technologies, you may need to hire an expert in handling the maintenance. That cost should become a reason to price the online business low.


  1. Demographics

Demographics of targeted clients form an important part of your online business. You need to know the specific attribute of individuals the online business will be targeting. What categories of individuals are using the service? Are they defined by marital status, income level, taste and preferences? Take for instance, if the demographic is based on income level, then you need to be specific about the strata of their income level. Defining demographics of the client helps you determine if providing service to such categories of clients interests you. Additionally, it offers you deeper insights into such categories of clients. You can easily know the challenges involved to attracting such categories of buyers and measures against those challenges.


  1. Marketing strategies

The ways prospects are converted into real buyer must be evaluated. Where and how clients are captured must be analyzed, explained, and noted. Clients won’t fall from the sky. Though some may be stumbled on your site accidentally, the majority of them patronize the site simply because of web owner marketing efforts. To thrive after the purchase of the online business, the seller must provide you with details about proven marketing strategies that can boost the site sales.


  1. The business sales value

The value of an online business varies a lot. It often depends on its intrinsic value, sellers sentiments, and future opportunities. Nevertheless, you must have a set budget before approaching a seller for the deal. Another way to determine the average value of a website is by price comparison. Find other 2-3 individuals who intend to sell the similar business and compare the price with your budget. That guides your buying decision.

Take away: There are so many factors you can consider when planning to buy an online business. You may not limit yourself to those factors explained here. But if you need help in making a good buying decision, feel free to contact a broker HERE.