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Successful E-commerce Car Accessories Retail Store
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Description Established: 2020-02-06

Stability, Low risk and unlimited potential are the right words for this business.

The shop with high form of automation was founded in February 2021 and in the last 12 months, a gross revenue

of $270K + has been achieved with a healthy net profit.

The statistics show growth comparing 2022 with last year.

2021 - average order value of $ 135, with average monthly revenue of $17.500

2022 - average order value of $ 205 ,with average monthly revenue of $23.850

With 115K+ SKUs already at the company’s disposal, it’s important to note there are more SKUs readily available.

The shop works on a dropship basis with a great supplier that delivers within 2 working days. It means that the supplier ships out the items on the shop behalf directly to the customers.  The supplier is paid after the order is received. Therefore the shopdoe snot hold any stock.

We’ve run minimum Google advertising only, so there’s plenty of growth opportunities within the online marketing increasing the advertisements costs, exploring multiple marketing channels.

Our business can achieve a lot of sales with a low marketing budget.

Growth will mainly come from scaling up advertising, SEO, new products, web design, social media platforms & using marketplaces such as Walmart, Amazon etc.

With Q4 just around the corner and a lot of happy customers we are completely up to date. This healthy and profitable store and its endless potential is ready for its new owner.

Simply put, this company has the bells and whistles for a wise business opportunity that pays off handsomely in the future. This operation takes 4-6 hours a week to manage, maintains low overhead, has terrific relations with the right suppliers, and brings to the table so much growth potential.

This business is a great acquisition for new & experienced entrepreneurs.

Possible team (Marketing manager & operational manager) can stay with the business. (Only if new owner wishes)

Annual Revenue:
Annual Profit:
Annual Expenses:
Work Required Per Week:
Assets included in the sale

- Website
- Social Media pages
- Google account
- Advertising account including date
- Domain name
- Company email
- Software systems
- Contactlist
- Emalilist
- Customerlist
- Suppliers
- Possible growth team (Marketing & Operational Manager) Only if new owner wishes

Work/Skills required
None (If the new owner wishes to keep the 2 members) some google advertising skills could be helfpul, all other tasks are teachable.
Reason for sale

Selling because we're raising capital for growth for our main project.

Seller support included
Yes up to 90 days by zoom, phone & email
Car Accessories
Age of the business(years)
Website category
eCommerce -> Sales
Do you own all of the intellectual properties that you are selling?
Will you provide the full source code?
List all the social media accounts included in the sale
Do you have an email list and if yes how many members/customers?
Is the website using a Content Management System (CMS)? If yes which one?
How can the future owner improve this business?

With minimum efforts we build ourselves an outstanding and well known store with decent statistics, we do see a healthy and steady future with growth for our business. If you’re looking to grow we would advice:

  • Increasing marketing budgets
  • SEO
  • Explore new marketing channels & marketplaces
  • Increase sales channels
  • Increasing the number of products
Why should someone buy this business?

We think that this business is suitable for the new upcoming e-commerce entrepeneur & for the seasoned entrepeneur/investor as this business have reached great revenues with minimum workload and marketing spend.

  • Stability
  • Growth team in place (Only if new owner wishes) Suitable for investors
  • Low advertising spend
  • Amazing supplier with fast delivery
  • Much unutilized potential (More marketing budget & channels)
  • Low hours of working 4-6 hours weekly
  • 115.000 products catalog
How much are you spending for marketing monthly?
Site Info
Site Established
February 2020
Built With
Bigcommerce English languages
Is Google Analytics Installed?
More Info: Builtwith
Domain Info
Site Established
February 2020
Built With
Bigcommerce English languages
More Info: Wayback Machine and Whois
Page Views
Unique Visits
Unique Visits Page Views
August 202243,00045,000
Monetization Method
This website earns revenue with eCommerce
Last 12 Months Claimed Revenue And Profit
Month Revenue($) Expenses($) Profit($)
August 202217,80513,4884,316
July 202227,12021,6995,421
June 202226,22219,4346,788
May 202229,24921,7917,458
April 202232,27024,7287,542
March 202232,68024,9877,693
February 202228,10922,2865,823
January 202214,64911,5343,115
December 202123,78815,7028,086
November 202115,1839,7385,445
October 202110,8557,4483,407
September 202116,51411,7374,777
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