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Description Established: 2013-06-25

For sale is an established and profitable business that has been selling high-quality WordPress themes, plugins and services to website builders since 2013. As a reputable and respected player in the WordPress theme development industry, the business has built a loyal customer base and a strong reputation for quality and customer support.

The platform has a diverse range of over 360 WordPress themes and templates for different industries, including business, medical, education, travel, fashion, and more. The themes are designed to meet the specific needs of different industries and are built using the latest web technologies. They are fully customizable, allowing customers to change the colors, fonts, layout, and other elements using a WordPress Customizer.
In addition to themes, the platform also offers a range of WordPress plugins that can be used to enhance the functionality of a website. These plugins include sliders, contact forms, social media plugins, and more.

Due to  other business venture , the current owner has decided to put the business up for sale. This presents a unique opportunity for investors or entrepreneurs who are looking to enter the WordPress theme development industry or expand their existing business.

Key Highlights

  • Established and profitable business
  • Established brand and loyal customer base
  • Room for growth
  • It has many themes that cover a wide range of industries
  • Scalable business model
  • Strong social media presence
  • Low overhead costs
  • Strong domain authority


The current owner spends 15 - 20 hours a week to answer support and sales questions


The nature of the customers can vary depending on the type of WordPress themes and templates they are interested in purchasing. That includes, but not limited to bloggers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, e-commerce store owners, web designers, and developers, looking for a website template or theme that is easy to use, customizable and meets their specific needs and preferences.

Customers may have varying levels of experience with WordPress and web design, ranging from beginners to advanced users. Some customers may require customization services, while others may prefer to customize their website themselves.


As shown in the attached P&L document, the revenue has been very steady the last 12 months

The main source of the revenue is coming from the sales of premium WordPress themes/templates and plugins. The business also generates revenue through sponsor posts.

The costs associated with running the business includes the salaries of employees(dev and support) website hosting fees and marketing expenses.

With an established brand, a proven business model, and a loyal customer base, this business is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to enter the WordPress theme development industry or expand their existing business. If you are interested in acquiring this business, please contact me today to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

Annual Revenue:
Annual Profit:
Annual Expenses:
Work Required Per Week:
Subscriptions, eCommerce, Digital sales
Assets included in the sale

Website files
Email addresses
Social media accounts
Email subscriber list
Brand assets (logos, etc)
Unique content
Unique design

Work/Skills required
Simple CSS skills
Reason for sale

Moving to other business venture of marriage and events.

Seller support included
Yes for 2 months
Quality of the code
Age of the business(years)
10 years
Website category
eCommerce -> Digital Products
Domain registered
2013-07-24 13:18:00
BigRock Solutions
When did the business start making profits
2013-11-28 13:19:00
Do you own all of the intellectual properties that you are selling?
Will you provide the full source code?
List all the social media accounts included in the sale profile, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
Do you have an email list and if yes how many members/customers?
Is the website using a Content Management System (CMS)? If yes which one?
Is any portion of the revenue recurring? If so please list the current monthly recurring revenue

Started from September last year so this year onwards recurring revening will start

How can the future owner improve this business?

Focus more on the recurring revening.
Increase the marketing budget

Why should someone buy this business?

Its a recurring revenue profitable with less number of hours and expenses needed.

Inventory included with the purchase

360 WordPress themes and templates are included.

How much are you spending for marketing monthly?
1000 USD
Site Info
Site Established
June 2013
Built With
WordPress (PHP)
Is Google Analytics Installed?
More Info: Builtwith
Domain Info
Site Established
June 2013
Built With
WordPress (PHP)
More Info: Wayback Machine and Whois
Page Views
Unique Visits
Traffic Health
Bounce Rate
Pages / Session
1m 17s
Avg. Session Duration
Unique Visits Page Views
March 202345,000183,000
February 202327,00090,000
January 202347,20085,000
December 202247,73073,000
November 202258,56990,000
October 202256,00265,000
September 202254,50065,000
August 202260,35385,000
July 202246,85765,000
June 202246,86955,000
May 202260,74858,000
April 202253,90269,000
Proof Of Traffic
Monetization Method
This website earns revenue with Subscriptions, eCommerce, Digital sales
Last 12 Months Claimed Revenue And Profit
Month Revenue($) Expenses($) Profit($)
March 202312,4371,15011,287
February 202310,2171,7508,467
January 202312,8571,77111,707
December 20229,8021,1508,652
November 202214,9631,77113,813
October 202214,1251,15012,975
September 20229,9101,1508,760
August 202210,3451,1509,195
July 202211,3241,15010,174
June 202210,5381,7719,388
May 202210,3321,1509,182
April 20229,9031,1508,753
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